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Why is it important to have “Personal Digital Profile “ ?

“Digital Profiling” Why is it important to have “Personal Digital Profile “ ? Asking question to "Self" is an answer to this ! Who am I ? What do people know about me ? How will I get acknowledged world wide ? “ You know who you are but how many people know about real you ? “ Digital profiling will give you a platform to beautifully portrait yourself in your own website! Your name is key to your Success !! Have your own website with own name !! Today we all have our own stories & learnings which we generally share on FB or Insta.But having a digital profile will make you Effective, ,Elegant,Professional,Ingenious & Sophisticated ! Now if someone ask you - What do you do ? what are you into ? can I have more details ? There is only one answer !!! You can go through my digital profile
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Just as the Make-up artist would love to show creativity on a face! Just as photographer would like to shoot portfolio and create beauty out of it ! Just as a Fashion Designer would love to make distinct Costume designer wear !  I love to make personal websites, Digital profile ! 

I love to listen to stories and everyone of us has a story ! Which is inspirational and full of excitement !! I love to create stories for all which would be alive in everyone’s mind ! What more would I need if this passion of mine can help many men & woman in creating their own identity !!!

Your name speaks for you !! So why not your name too have an Identity ? !!

Aren’t you happy to hear that ?  

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Uma P Desai

-Prop-Lakshmoney Fin Services.
Owner & Founder Of Breeze Home
MUMBAI, Maharashtra

Aiming an Eternal Wealth & Prosperity

Janet Serrao Agarwal

- CA ,CS, Fashion Designer.
MUMBAI, Maharashtra

" Perfect combination of Beauty with Brains" 

“Mrs Eternal Gorgeous Queen of Maharashtra” 
“Mrs Beauty for a Cause”
“Mrs Popular”

Model Janet Serrao Agarwal is an Entrepreneur and Fashion Model originally from Goa and residing in Mumbai. She is now made a name in fashion shows and photo shoots for brands and calendars and is progressing rapidly !

Janet Serrao Agarwal has always been a person dedicated towards her work. She work in corporate for several years with corporate awards and professionally an Mcom CA and CS. She also completed a advanced fashion designing course from INIFD Bandra as she was keen to pursue her childhood hobby of creativity with an award. 

The beautiful and charming Janet Serrao Agarwal recently won the title of The Mrs Eternal Gorgeous Queen of Maharashtra and Title Beauty for a Cause and Title Mrs Popular organised by The White Divine Events and paved a way towards the glamour world.


Gautam Krishna Kamath

- Certified Fitness Trainer.
- Functional Trainer
MUMBAI, Maharashtra

I am Gautam Kamath, a Certified Finess Trainer as well as a Functional trainer by profession from Mumbai.

As a Fitness Trainer, I create tailored fitness and wellness plans for individuals and groups. I assign exercise routines based on clients’ physical needs and monitor their progress.

In addition, I have done a TVC Ad for Mapmyindia which was telecasted on all leading channels in 2017.

I have my own personal fitness studio in South Mumbai.
My focus is to train serious individuals who want to achieve their goals.